Thin crispy crusts and delicious green toppings harvested from their own farm in Hedvigsdal.

Located at Malmö Saluhall, Hedvigsdal Pizza has been running along since the opening in 2016, and done so very well. The menu might be short and sweet, but nonetheless even better. With always a pizza composed on the best from their farm in Hedvigsdal right outside of Ystad, you can be sure there is something good waiting for you that reflects some of the best that the season has to offer. After being finished off for a few minutes inside of a glowing hot stone oven, the crusts has been made delightfully crispy for your enjoyment.

A pizza on their menu that has become somewhat of a signature however (at least from being a long time on the menu, and let it never disappear!) is their Pizza Burrata with long baked tomato sauce, Burrata from La Treccia, browned butter and basil. Annoyingly good is probably the best to describe it, since you likely want to get another one before you even finished your first one.

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