(Sort of) asian street food, with that extra magical touch only Wade with Team Pink Head can deliver.

A beloved spot inside of Malmรถ Saluhall of which started as a noodle bar (now moved to itโ€™s separate location due to its success) and has now transformed to being an things Street food in an asian, or as owner Wade with Pink Head staff calls it, sort of asian take. The menu shifts from a few but even better so composed dishes, ranging everything from Laab Thai sallad and Mapo Tofu to Kung Pao and Korean fried chicken. In other words – the inspiration is wide when it comes to Streetfood by Pink Head.

The available seats in the small bar surrounding the kitchen from the best angle are just a few (that lets you mesmerizingly watch the entire magic happen), fortunately their food also works great for takeaway or simply to bring with you and enjoy in the open dining areas around Malmรถ Saluhall either inside or on the outside.

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