Hi! Welcome to FOODGUIDE.se, your food guide to explore the larger part of Sweden and other cities in neighboring countries.

Our editorial team eat on a lot of places so you can focus on eating a lot on the really good ones. Food and taste preference is, of course, a personal matter and for that we are doing our very best to cater for what we in general think the larger of our visitors taste buds would enjoy in multiple price ranges and categories.

For every recommendation youโ€™ll find on the site, we have eaten, taken pictures and written up our recommendation based on our own experience at a given time. You can be rest assured we have actually enjoyed our experience, otherwise we wouldnโ€™t put the effort on publishing it on the site at all.

To make it clear, or as you would say in Sweden: โ€˜klart som korvspadโ€™, as a new visitor on FOODGUIDE.se, below is what you can expect:

โœ… What youโ€™ll find

  • Carefully curated guides
  • Original media and text content
  • Objective location recommendations
  • Interviews with selected people
  • Stories and news articles
  • Signature dish recipes from restaurants

โ›”๏ธ What you wonโ€™t

  • Paid recommendation listing
  • Any form of bashing of locations
  • Recommendations not actually visited

Editorial team

Get to know the editorial team at FOODGUIDE.se writing the news, articles, guides and recommendations.

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