A lively neighborhood café popular for their breakfast, brunch and fika offerings.

Atelier September

Cafe that offers a well-made breakfast, fika or just a nice beverage on the sunny side.


When you are looking for a sweet or savory crêpe in the city center of Lund, Crêperiet is the place to go.

Mat och Chokladstudion

Pastry, baked goods and food experiences – all signed by the talented chef Joel Lindqvist.

Folkets Pops

Bike with handmade ice pops evolves to a fully fledged ice cream shop and café in Augustenborg.

Via Palermo

The traditional sweet flavors of Sicily, in the calm and sunny neighborhood of Ribersborg.

Broder Jakobs

Take a visit for a fika at the brothers place, we promise you that it will be worth your while.

The Shack

Uncomplicated but well made food cooked by a young chef with Italian roots in Pildammsparken.

Patisserie David

A sweet bite of the best from French pastry together with a dash of Portugal.

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