When you are looking for a sweet or savory crêpe in the city center of Lund, Crêperiet is the place to go.

When your tastebuds is asking for French classics, it’s hard to not to start thinking of galettes, crêpes and cider. All of those is just what you are able to find at Crêperiet, located along the street of Klostergatan in Lund. If you stick your nose in through the door – we promise it will be hard to leave without order something before you go. The reason being the crêpes are made right in front of you, with a scent of sweet batter being poured into warm iron.

Even though the place might look small and a bit crowded on the outside, don’t worry – there is also a second floor with more than enough room for you and your company to take a bite on the French delights. But if you are specifically planning to go for their brunch on Saturdays or Sundays a recommendation is to book your seats in advance, since it’s a very popular activity for the city locals.

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Klostergatan 14, 222 22 Lund

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