Satisfying your inner deep cravings for hand-made noodles in the city center of Lund.

While the Japanese ramen frenzy is growing in Sweden as a whole, Lund has been relatively calm on the matter. What the city do however got instead a while back is Five Flower Noodle Bar, opened by the owners Li and Mo who also runs Fengsson Dumpling House. Five Flower Noodle Bar is a relatively small noodle shop serving up Sichuan style dishes with homemade noodles in a range of different combinations. Offered on the menu you will find dishes on as beef, pork, chicken or tofu – all with an optional level of spiciness.

One of the really enjoyable elements at Five Flower Noodle Bar is the handmade noodles imperfect shape that is sticking itself on to the flavor packed broth, cooked according to their own family recipes. With generous portions and amount of ingredients in each dish, leaving hungry is not something you are likely to do. But if you want to get that food coma kicking a little more then of course you can also ask to get it topped off with some extra noodles on your visit.

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Kungsgatan 2A, 223 50 Lund

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