Bring yourself a wingman or woman and devour yourself in fried chicken galore.


Casual Mexican eatery with generous opening hours and well-made tacos, burritos and ceviche.

Lucy’s Flower Shop

A modern speakeasy cocktail bar, with a generous list of signature cocktails.

A Bar Called Gemma

Neighborhood cocktail bar favored by locals and bartenders with a cozy interior and great cocktails.


Raising the bar to a new level on where to get the ultimate bowl of ramen in Stockholm.

Sempre Espresso Bar

The quickest way to experience Italian coffee culture in the middle of the center backstreets of Stockholm.

Savant Bar

A bar that focuses on coffee during the day and dig into natural wines during the evening.

Francis Francis

A prime example on why one shouldn’t underestimate the greatness of soft ice cream.

CafΓ© Nizza

A no-fuzz restaurant where Italian and French cuisine gets to meet in a symbiosis.

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