The ultimate place to go when you are craving a really nice cut of meat in central Stockholm.

Welcome to meat heaven! AG is the child of chef Johan Jureskog, the self-acclaimed meat king of Sweden (and with every right), together with Klas Ljungquist. A duo which also is behind Rolfs KΓΆk and Rolfs Hav. AG is not only one of the best restaurants for an experience around meat in Stockholm, but even ranked as one of the best in the world. Now that’s something!

The first thing that meets (or perhaps we should say meats, pun intended) you at AG after walking down the stairs of what used to be a silver smith (also the reason for the name AG which is the chemical term for silver) is the massive cooler where meat gets dry-aged on AGs terms.

The menu changes a little bit depending on the season, but be rest assured that exploring the global scene of meat is what AG is about and you can expect interesting cuts from all over the world. Enjoyed together with a nice glass or bottle of wine, baked potato or whatever you prefer to combine it with.

AG is open every day from 17 until midnight and also has a separate meat shop at a separate location simply a minute away if you would like to invest in some nice pieces to cook up at the comfort of your home.

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Kronobergsgatan 37, 112 33 Stockholm

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