Drop in for dips in the ocean, natural wines and farm-to-table style dishes all day long.

Dips in the ocean? Check. Natural wines? You got it! La Banchina (meaning “the pier” in Italian) located at the oceanside of the trendy area of RefshaleΓΈen just a short walk from other trendy spots in Copenhagen such as Reffen, Alchemist and even Noma.

At La Banchina you can expect breakfast and yoga in the morning, during the day and the evening you are able to enjoy the sauna with a group of friends or even on your own (just be aware it needs to be booked in advance). Except for that, however, there are no need for any sort of reservations for some food, a glass of wine or simply a dip. Just swing by any time during the day! The menu itself is primarily with a focus on sustainability where seafood and vegetarian dishes take the state, farm-to-table style.

Opening hours vary a bit depending on the season, but during the warmer summer days every day from 8 in the morning to 22 in the evening. During the winter season they even have a Sauna Club with ice cold dips while serving a hot soup to warm up to, something which can be found more on in their group page.

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Refshalevej 141, 1432 Copehagen, Denmark

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