We think it’s important to be transparent. Read our transparency note to understand a bit better how the content is created on FOODGUIDE.se and the potential influence it might have on you as a visitor.

How we curate recommendations

All of the recommendations on FOODGUIDE.se exist there because our team has visited the location at least one or multiple times. While there, have eaten/had a drink there/both (depending on the relevance of the location). The team has then taken photos of both the location and the food itself. If the place lived up to our team standards – this then will be curated into a written recommendation at FOODGUIDE.se.

A restaurant can never buy a listing on the site

Our recommendations at FOODGUIDE.se is carefully hand picked, visited and later on written about from a visitors perspective from the writers own experience.

Our staff will never accept payment in exchange for the intent of getting a published recommendation on the site, and that is something that won’t, and will never, change.

Even though eating around and traveling to new cities add up to a lot of costs, these costs are covered either privately, by advertising, collaborations or by an external party such as official visitor organisations covering costs through their own internal budgets or funds with no influence on the end results.


  • Every place of recommendation has always been visited by our staff.
  • Our staff has eaten, drunk or both depending on the nature of the location.
  • All of the content, such as photos, has been taken by our staff and is not provided externally.
  • a location cannot buy themself a place on the list.

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