Seasonal produce bonded together with an elegant presentation, surrounded by beautiful scenery.


The best local ingredients of the season paired with years of exploration and innovation.


BjΓΆrn FranzΓ©n with team delivers on all senses with high quality nordic ingredients and Japanese techniques.


Introducing holistic experiences to the world of dining, built up on 50 different impressions.

Dinner by Heston

Modern take on British cuisine based on history – all with a dash of extra Heston flair.

Lars Amsterdam

Where French as a base meets Asian influences, with seaside views of the Houthavens.

De Juwelier

A finely polished diamond when it comes to French Γ  la carte dishes in Amsterdam.


2 Michelin starred gastronomic experience in Vienna Stadtpark.


Refined gastronomy, all vegetarian. TIAN puts green culinary art on the international map.


Refined fine dining reaching for the stars in a cozy environment signed by the Vollmers brothers.

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