Seasonal produce bonded together with an elegant presentation, surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Only a shortest of detours from the central parts of in Stockholm, chef Tommy Myllymäki together with chef Pi Le define the two star Michelin restaurant AIRA in DjurgÃ¥rden, surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the sea that leaves room for inspiration to arrive by boat to the location. At AIRA, Seasonal produce is bonded gracefully with a presentation of highest elegance, something that can be observed in the making from the open kitchen area seen from the dining area at all times. Perhaps a bit less so from the lounge area, but there you are able to enjoy the atmosphere, beautiful amuse-bouches and petit fours and a glass of champagne instead.

At AIRA you have the option to enjoy the full tasting menu during a lunch or dinner seating. If you wish, you also have the possibility to opt for a shorter prix fixe menu during lunch offered for a more approachable price point on Fridays to Saturdays. Not as many dishes, sure, but equally prepared with same amount of care to detail throughout the entire menu with dishes hand picked from the main full-length menu.

At the time of writing, booking a table at AIRA as a guest is relatively easy. So if you are looking for high-level gastronomy offered at different price points, in a beautiful scenery without too much of a hassle or planning in advance, AIRA is a great recommendation of a restaurant to spend your day or evening at.

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Biskopsvägen 9, 115 21 Stockholm

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