The best definition of what a real salad should be, located on Gourmetboulevarden in Malmö.

Looking for the absolute best salad place in town? Yup, here you have it! Owner Alexander Harrysson definitely knows good produce when he sees it. He would know, since he is a farmer himself (if you are wondering where the ingredients are sourced from). When he on his own recently took over the location at Gourmetboulevarden his ultimate goal was to create the best salad place in town, and that he has achieved very well indeed!

The salads at Ur Vår Jord is immensely fresh, crisp and literally packed with flavors, textures and different combinations of ingredients. Every bite is as interesting as the next, and if you have been growing tired of salads loaded with iceberg lettuce and only topped with some tiny slabs of protein then be rest assured this all but that.

Ur Vår Jord is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 11 until the afternoon (18 in the weekdays, 16 on the weekend) so you can grab a salad both for lunch as well for early dinner, either by dining on location or to go. Oh, and don’t miss the cozy seats hiding behind the kitchen.

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Östra Rönneholmsvägen 6B, 211 47 Malmö

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