AVA Vinbar

A cozy bar located at Karlskronaplan, with natural wines and a perfect spot to relax in the sun.


Charming wine bar with wine by the glass and option to pick your own bottle from their wine storage.


A second home for all the wine enthusiasts, located in the city center of Lund.


The lovechild of Arvid and Ludvig offering an all-in-one cocktail bar, wine bar and restaurant.

Savant Bar

A bar that focuses on coffee during the day and dig into natural wines during the evening.

Arla Unika

Showcasing their high-end products in the best imaginable way at Γ–stermalmshallen.


The obvious choice for the wine lover looking to find a second home.

Wine Mechanics

Where wine gets their wildest time of their life while being produced and drunk together with casual food.

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