Lively wine-focused bar door to door with it's more fully fledged popular sister-bar and restaurant Bar la Lune.

While Bar La Lune run by Oscar Ahlvin for a long time has been quite a beloved spot for wine and dine, it in 2022 got a sister-bar door to door (wall to wall even, and you can literally walk inside between them) where the amount of bottles to choose from is extensive, the disco lamp in the roof is spinning and the logo is lit with it’s yellow neon shining through the window.

Where Bar la Lune more focuses on a dining experience with a range of dishes to choose from in combination with a great offering, at Angeli wine is king and offered with a range of simpler dishes and snacks to go, “aperitivo style”. The staff at Angeli is friendly, full of wine knowledge and more than happy to help you find the right wine either by the glass or the bottle.

Angeli is open every day of the week to spoil you with great wine, service and a warm and welcoming atmosphere that keeps bringing regulars and wine enthusiasts alike.

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Vasa kyrkogata 1, 411 27 GΓΆteborg

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