Intimate dark neon-lit cocktail bar with a pulsating vibe and seasonally inspired cocktails.

Bar Bruno is part of a trio of bars in Kyrkogatan together with Champagnebaren and Unity Jazz with the same ownership behind all of the establishments. With that said, Bar Bruno stand on its own legs and have been doing so since the start. Here you will instead of jazz or focus on champagne and oysters find yourself in a tiny dark, neon lit, intimate bar with a vibe as pulsating as the seasonally inspired cocktail menu itself.

Forget about reservations however at Bar Bruno, simply sneak into the the people-packed womb of Bar Bruno (Yes, the logo is symbolizing exactly that, not a moose as we first guessed) for a cocktail or two.

Location details

Kyrkogatan 13, 411 15 GΓΆteborg

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