A little piece of food culture from Great Britain, served at Davidshall in Malmö.


Natural wines and beautifully composed food, packaged in a small but cozy atmosphere.


Finely tuned balance of flavors and textures in the shape of a poké bowls, located in Malmö Saluhall.


Hole-in-the-wall restaurant with big heart, comfort food and authentic Korean flavors.

Johan P

The ultimate institution when it comes to enjoying seafood in Malmö.

Open Rice

Malmö just got itself a “sort of” new cantonese restaurant in town, hanging ducks included.


The lovechild of Arvid and Ludvig offering an all-in-one cocktail bar, wine bar and restaurant.


With dough so fluffy you could have sworn you were on an Italian pizza cloud.

Dubbel Dubbel

Double up on your drinks and deep dive into the feast at this casual dim sum restaurant.

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