A bustling bar and restaurant on Nobelvägen with highly likeable mediterranean dishes, wine and beer.

What started as an import business (Kiosko Import) of italian products took a quick detour on Malmöfestivalen selling sandwiches before ending up opening an entire bar of their own on Nobeltorget. There is one thing constant that ties everything together though: the love for mediterrenean products, quality and taste. 

When entering this easily approachable down-to-earth bar on Nobeltorget with lively vibes you will be greeted with Italian and Spanish flavors of cuisine where polpettes (italian meatballs) get’s to share space on the menu with patatas bravas (fried potatoes with bravas sauce). All this paired unpretentiously with a great Selection of wines and beer.

Bar Kiosko adds a bustling new meeting place to the bar and food scene of Malmö where meeting for some small sharing dishes and or a glass is as easy as their uncomplicated menu of dishes that everyone can, and will, enjoy. 

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Nobelvägen 73B, 214 33 Malmö

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