Simple, uncomplicated and down to earth hiding in a basement with homemade pasta, deli and more.

Hiding in a basement close to Malmö Opera, Di Penco have been serving homemade pasta, pizza and deli-filled ciabattas for many years now. Even so that back in the day, if you asked for an Italian restaurant in Malmö, Di Penco was on top of the mind for a lot of locals as the hidden gem.

Di Penco is simple, uncomplicated, and to the point. The menu of pasta dishes rotates from time to time, but still there is always some classics to expect on the menu. Year after year this charming little establishment keeps delivering uncomplicated, down to earth Italian food for a decent price point. You can even buy deli and homemade bread to go as well refill your olive oil bottles from their own tank in the middle of the restaurant.

Open from Mondays through Saturdays for both lunch and dinner.

Location details

Roskildevägen 3, 211 47 Malmö

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