Napolitan style pizzas served up at a hidden gem of a local pizzeria on a side-street of Nobelvägen.

Once in a while, you end up finding a spot that hides a secret. For those who have been passing by San Marco as their neighborhood pizzeria for a while might be surprised of what has been going on behind the scenes. With the old signs still hanging around from the past, this tiny pizzeria has gotten a new owner, pizzaiolo Dejan, with high ambitions to elevate the pizza at this place to the next level.

Even if the old trusty menu is still is a part of San Marco, a new addition of a Napolitan style pizzas has appeared as an option with dough that is fluffy and lightly crispy. If it’s not clear enough – this is simply the menu you should opt for.

Even if the rumor is slowly starting to spread about San Marco being a hidden gem, there is no need to worry about waiting too long for your pizza that can be had either on location at one of their very limited amount of seats or as take-away. San Marco is open every day of the week except for Mondays.

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Spånehusvägen 101, 214 39 Malmö

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