Ice cream science meets ingredients from Vietnam to make the most wonderful ice cream and sorbet.

Located in Østerbro, a tiny shop called Østerberg Ice Cream serves up some of the most delicious cold desserts in a cone you will find in Copenhagen. With a wide variety of flavors made on location, both milk based and sorbets, this is simply true edible artisanship at its peak.

Cathrine Østerberg, the owner of which name also gives name to the shop itself, is however no first-timer when it comes to understanding the magic behind ice. After all, she even left Copenhagen for Canada to study ice cream science. How cool isn’t that? With a lot of study and research behind the recipes, Østerberg Ice Cream serves what is self-referred to as a blend between ice cream and gelato.

The flavors need no scientific understanding to be enjoyed however, and is changed on a regular basis made on fruits and ingredients both from Vietnam where a second Østerberg shop is also being run as well as local and from the rest of the world. All in all, there is a lot of work and ice cream knowledge behind the unique Østerberg concept.

Østerberg Ice Cream is open every day.

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Rosenvængets Allé 7C, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

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