Austrian cuisine from Tyrol as the main inspiration, served in a basement in central Lund.

If you are looking for the best type of food to match an ice cold beer served in a tankard with a little foam on top from a tap, look no further than Austrian food from Tyrol. Fortunately you do not need to travel all the way to Austria for it if you are located in southern Sweden, but instead to a basement in central Lund.

At Rauhrackel you will find true iconic classics from the Austrian kitchen. Wienerschitzel, schweinshaxe and apfelstrudel, it’s all on the menu amongst other dishes. Don’t miss however to start your visit with their warm and lightly crispy brezel served together with butter and mustard. A perfect salty snack to get the appetite going!

On the thirsty side of things? How about the “a meter of beer” option! We can not recommend however to finish this by yourself of course, but for a group this might be an interesting option to try out their range of beers.

Rauhrackel is open from 17.00 forward every day except for Sundays.

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Stora Algatan 5 223 50 Lund

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