Björn Franzén with team delivers on all senses with high quality nordic ingredients and Japanese techniques.

In the middle of the city center of Stockholm on a calm side-street, an unassumingly highly ambitious restaurant is hiding behind black curtains. When you see the shine from a golden mouse hiding in the window, you can be rest assured you have ended up at restaurant Frantzén. Knock the door, be let in and let the magic unfold while you take the elevator up to the first part of your journey.

With a service in world class, you will be taken through different levels and rooms throughout your dining experience. Start off in the cozy lounge for a few bites and a drink before you continue in to a short visit in the prep kitchen, wine cellar and finally walk the stairs up to main dining room which also acts as the main open kitchen where you can see the all the chefs at work. This is the exact opposite from a messy, stressful kitchen where instead in the most of silence each dish is artistically composed with preciseness, thoughtfulness care and even a little bit of fire.

The dishes itself takes the best of nordic high quality ingredients, and masterfully blend it with a Japanese touch, in around 13-15 dishes. It’s creative while still not being unfamiliar. Simply a refined explosion of flavors hiding in a presentation that is beautiful and elegant while still being down to earth. Expect to dip a crispy lobster in sauce with your bare hands, no white table cloths to be seen anywhere near the table.

Even if the dining experience itself lasts around 4 hours, expect to sit longer than so in the lounge afterwards while the team keeps refilling your coffee, drinks and complementary buttery delicious madeleines until you can’t eat no more of them.

Frantzén may have been awarded with 3 stars in Guide Michelin (and even has a 3 in their logo to show their pride about it) but if we could give them a 4’th we would. So how do you grab a seat for this marvelous dining experience? Well, you need to be quick! Seats for the upcoming month open on the 1st of each month at 10.00 AM (GMT+1, local time). Challenge accepted.

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Klara Norra kyrkogata 26, 111 22 Stockholm

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