Daniel Berlin is back with a place where magical atmosphere, friendly service and refined dishes align.

Four years after closing Daniel Berlin Restaurant back in 2020, chef Daniel Berlin is now back once again stronger than ever with the next episode in his career. This time it goes under the name of Vyn (Swedish for “the view”), and is an entirely new space where every single detail has been thought through in any imaginable way. Get seated and enjoy the breathtaking scenery in front of you where land, sky and ocean meets in perfect harmony to define the Vyn dining experience.

The tasting menu at Vyn is well refined and beautifully composed, often served with a final last step in front of you. It all captures the Scandinavian mindset of working with local ingredients in season and adds dash of Scanian touches and flavors throughout the dishes that is while still a bit subtle yet close to heart for someone born in the the Scanian area. The warm atmosphere, the welcoming friendly staff, the refined dishes… it all feels like parts of a imaginary dream that you never wish to end.

Don’t worry, however. If you wish to stay for longer than just the dining experience you can continue the evening inside the Food and Wine Bar, and even stay the night at the hotel as part of Vyn if you have booked it in advance. A perfect getaway trip to ร–sterlen for escaping the daily bustling city pulse.

Daniel Berlin has set very high ambitions with Vyn for the entire Scanian area, and even Sweden as a whole. With such a high level of dining experience delivered on such an early stage of Vyn, this is just the beginning of the greatness to come from Daniel and the team.

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Hรถga vรคgen 72, 272 92 Simrishamn

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