Introducing holistic experiences to the world of dining, built up on 50 different impressions.

If you think the entrance at Alchemist is impressive, just wait until you enter the first dining room with a view of the massive wine storage after a short art installation. And when you have been blown away once again, with a few interesting dishes inside your belly, then you’re ready for the main stage: the dome. Here you will be enclosed with visual projections all around you during your evening. With that said, it’s not even the last room you will end up at this evening. So just relax and let the magic happen.

A dinner at the Alchemist is like no other. With over 50 impressions (whereas around 35 of them is edible dishes), expect to be experience something like you have never before, unless this is your second time here that is. Rasmus Munk with his team has made something truly unique that redefines what a restaurant experience can be, and is a mix of art, technology and dining into one. It’s politically engaging, emotionally moving, mind-boggling, breath-taking, inspiring and so much more that will stir up memories, thoughts and reflections on your way home.

With a most generous wine list with over 160 pages, there is a lot of wine to explore during this dining experience that will range around 6-8 hours. But the friendly staff that shines with pride being the one to be there to serve you all evening will help you sort it out even if you do not opt to go with any of the three pre-made wine packages.

Scoring a seat at the Alchemist is not the easiest, in fact it’s one of the hardest one to book in the entire world. but if you get a chance, don’t hesitate a single bit to take it. Just make sure to take the day off after the experience, it can be quite the overwhelming experience the first time. The Alchemist redefines what dining can be on such a fundamental level, that will leave you with a strong desire for more of these experiences from now on.

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Refshalevej 173C, 1432 Copenhagen, Denmark

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