The best local ingredients of the season paired with years of exploration and innovation.

Since it’s opening back in 2003, RenΓ© Redzepi together with its ever changing team, has made a mark on gastronomic history. Being voted best restaurant for many years, of course the stakes are high at Noma and the expectations that comes with it. With over 20 years from its initial opening, a lot has evolved to what is now referred to as Noma 2.0 after its largest change back in 2018 when Noma closed to become something new.

Fast forward to 2024 when this recommendation is written, Noma is about to close once again in 2025. What it will be from then on forward, still nobody knows except for RenΓ© and his team. But until then, there is still a chance to experience Noma as it is today for the three seasons that Noma offers: ocean, vegetable and forest.

With a big team consisting of over 100+ team members, Noma can explore things that other restaurants could ever only dream of with dedicated teams specializing in fermentation, innovation, research, foraging and gardening all to make up what is the Noma experience and everything around it.

Even if it’s almost rustically beautiful servings ranging everything from a deconstructed langoustine to a 1-to-1 match of an oyster being an entirely edible dessert, you can tell a lot of work has went into all the dishes that almost many times can feel self explanatory on the plate. Sure, you understand the ingredients laid out in all it’s simplicity, but all the work that makes up that dish is many layers of work and still being able to taste great, different and with subtle flavor details is a challenge that Noma excels in. Eating a SCOBY from kombucha fermentation? Normally, not quite so delicious thing to chew on. But served at Noma, almost as taken for granted to taste great. And it does.

If you still haven’t had the chance to visit the beautiful scenery of Noma at RefshaleΓΈen, experience the unique cuisine and all the great natural wines that Noma was a part of making such an obvious thing today, then make sure to do so while you still can. It’s a relaxed dining experience that is a must visit to understand why it has had such a big impact on the gastronomic scene, and how it helped redefine what a restaurant experience can be.

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Refshalevej 96, 1432 Copenhagen, Denmark

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