Cool location on a side street in Nรธrrebro where vermut is the star of the show.

Quick question: do you like vermut? If the answer to this basic question is “Yes”, well then you are in for a treat at Paloma in Copenhagen. What used to be a cafรฉ back in the days, has turned into a vermuteria where one can indulge into the world of vermut. Even if the nice vibe gives today give more of the feeling being a cocktail bar, being a cafรฉ still runs deep in it’s genes and you will even find neighborhood locals just grabbing a coffee with their children with them.

On the menu you will find cocktails, wine, beer and of course the star of the show: vermut. And when it comes to the vermut the prices is a steal ranging from 60-65 DKK at the time of writing, where a House Vermut, Coffee Vermut and Coconut Vermut is some of the things you can order from the menu. And for those prices it’s even hard to not explore all of them. After giving some of them a go on visit, they are verified to be delightful.

With early and generous opening hours being open from 15.00 every day to until 22 (and 23 on Fridays and Saturdays) it’s a really nice spot to explore when in the neighborhood of Nรธrrebro or just in Copenhagen in general. But if you are a pure enjoyer of the world of vermut, Paloma is simply a must visit.

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Guldbergsgade 51A, 2200 Copenhagen, Denmark

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