Modern take on British cuisine based on history - all with a dash of extra Heston flair.

Located at the Mandarin Oriental in Hyde Park, Dinner by Heston is a grand experience just even walking in to. Once seated you will be greeted with a number of cards to continue on your journey depending on how much you would like to know about each dish. So if you want to know the entire history of each dish – that’s possible! As opposed to Hestons other more experimental restaurant The Fat Duck in Bray, the focus on Dinner by Heston is rather flirting with and taking inspiration from British history to make unique dishes with a bit of heritage.

Start your evening with the signature of signatures at Dinner by Heston inspired from the 1500’s – the Meat Fruit. Chicken liver parfait hiding in a mandarin together with a slice of grilled bread. Then go on to a main, perhaps a Hereford Ribeye as inspired from the 1830’s, together with mushroom ketchup & triple cooked chips.

However, for the love of everything, do not miss out on the Tipsy Cake for dessert. It’s the satisfaction of pineapple being spit-roasted in its own juices for hours and then paired with a delicious brioche-style cake and sweet, aromatic and boozed up cream sauce. This is a dessert you will be late to forget, if ever. In Pineapple we trust, and so do Heston. Apparently Guide Michelin too, since they have awarded Dinner by Heston with two shiny stars.

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66 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7LA, United Kingdom

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