Dip your pita in the hummus and enjoy a bit of the flavors from Jerusalem.

At this yellow-painted hummus shop located right on the other side of the central station in Lund you will find freshly made hummus topped with ingredients of your choice such as falafel, marinated aubergine and pine nuts with tahini. On the side paired with pickles, sallad and pita bread. While there, don’t miss out on their home made lemonade, Limonana, that together with the creamy hummus matches together very well with a pleasant kick of acidity and freshness from mint combined.

Hummus Bar is a casual and uncomplicated restaurant where it’s easy to just drop in to take a bite on a quick and satisfying meal, or to bring with you to eat in the comfort at your home. If you want to instead create your own hummus-based creations at home you can also ask the staff both for the possibility to only buy the hummus itself but aswell the ingredients that is in their own combinations on the menu.

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Bangatan 8, 222 21 Lund

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