The baking department of Coffee Collective, offering some of the finest baked goods in Copenhagen.

Collective Bakery is the bakery of Coffee Collective, serving all the coffee shops in the family with baked goods. Fortunately you can visit the bakery itself as well, where you will find both bread and pastry based on high quality ingredients that is equally visually beautiful as it’s tasteful. Just look up their citronbรธlge and seasonal spandauers to name a few!

Since opening back in 2021 during the pandemic, Collective Bakery has become an appreciated bakery to pick up baked goods on the go or to enjoy on location. And you are able to do so all days from 7 until 17 on weekdays, and until 16 on the weekends.

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Nรธrrebrogade 176, 2200 Copenhagen, Denmark

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