Small and cosy coffee bar, packed with good coffee, pastry and a lot of heart.

If you are looking for something more personal with staff nerdy about their coffee, then Gerd (opened back in 2020) is an excellent place to drop in for a warm beverage, primarily coffee in focus. The coffee beans are proudly chosen from the also Gothenburg-based roaster, Gringo Nordic Coffee Roasters. Except for espressos, cappuccinos, cortados and macchiatos they also have pastries and sandwiches from Kampanilen, together with other extra breakfast items on the menu.

If you have not yet found your second home where coffee is in the focus, then Gerd has all the potential to become the right place just or you. Located in a small but cosy location this coffee bar feels packed with love, coffee, and lively conversations from all the other guests getting their daily fix while the sound of Gerds espresso machine going warm from the frequent orders.

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LinnΓ©gatan 7, 413 04 Gothenburg

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