The carnivores ultimate wet dream well worth a pilgrimage to Nyhamnsläge.

When driving to Holy Smoke BBQ on a warm summer day it’s hard to distinguish if one is still in Sweden or if somehow magically managed to end up at a farm in Texas where meat gets to meet heat. The American flags waving in the air doesn’t help to say otherwise, and the menu, written in English of course, offering everything from smoked brisket and short rib to crispy corn on the cob and their own take on the Mac ‘n’ cheese, the Mac ‘n’ Brocc.

Everything at Hole Smoke BBQ is the true concept of comfort food, and when you get to the brisket (if you actually manage to get any, that is) it has more or less been smoked to what can only be described as juicy, tender perfection. Literally almost falling of your fork on it’s eagerness to melt on your tongue, no chewing needed. Top that with smoked sausages and other meaty friends and you can count on a food coma to hit you in a not too distant future. Holy Smoke BBQ is truly the carnivores wet dream.

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Krapperups kyrkoväg 116, 263 76 Nyhamnsläge

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