Showcasing the very best of what to expect from cantonese street food at the heart of Davidshall.

LU is the small but popular restaurant that took the flavors of the cantonese kitchen to Malmรถ with a bang by the owner Luong and his mother Kim. Expect roasted ducks hanging wobbly in a heating cabinet ready to be sliced up, crispy pork to be eaten and noodle wok with beef to be slurped – always with complementary jasmine tea warm and ready to be poured. The food is addictively good and it is not without a reason the undersigned of this recommendation had a habit of eating there between 2-3 times every week for a long period of time.

It’s very hard to be specific on what to recommend someone to eat at LU, because all of the dishes is extremely good. But a few favorites is the beef wok with noodles, Chow ho Fun (which of the recipe have been shared with us to publish exclusively), the Wo-Tip dumplings with cask-aged soy, and their own vegetarian take on Mapo Tofu. With that said, whatever you choose you cannot go wrong. If you are heading there for dinner then make sure to order their family-style dinner to be able to try a little bit of everything.

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Learn how to make LUs signature Chow ho Fun

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Davidshallstorg 3, 211 45 Malmรถ

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