A single great Czech beer on tap, and traditional classic dishes to accompany it.

Pivo is the small Czech bar where things get uncomplicated. On tap, there is one beer and one beer only: Únětický pivovar. Your choice is either a male pivo (small beer) or a velke pivo (large beer) and this concept has held true ever since its opening back in 2019. To accompany the beer you will find a few classics dishes from the Czech kitchen such as masový guláš (goulash), utopenci (pickled sausage), and if you are going for some lighter snack, nakladačky (pickled cucumber).

The atmosphere is really something extra at Pivo. Not because of what they have added, but rather what they never did. Instead of music playing in the background, expect the sounds of beer being poured, glasses being washed and chatty conversations by the guests while they are slurping on their beer. This is the place for you who just want a good beer, simple but heartwarming food and an experience you won’t find anywhere else in Malmö.

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Västergatan 6c, 211 21 Malmö

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