With 30+ food stalls to choose from, at Reffen there is always something delicious to explore.

Reffen is not only a food market – it’s almost a small city of its own! A city where a lively atmosphere meets street food of all kinds ranging everything from tacos and kebab to cheese and hot dogs, and of course some drinks to quench your thirst. With over 30+ food stalls to choose from, you’re bound to find something both of your preference as well as new and inspiring.

The name Reffen takes inspiration from the half island itself it’s located on, Refshaleรธen, and is an inspiring place to visit both for the food and the colorful environment where you can relax on the outside with the seaside as the backdrop or head inside under the roof if you need to escape either rain or the heating sun. In evenings, you will also find DJs taking over to get the party mode on as well as other events such as live-streamed football.

During the warmer period of the year, Reffen is open every day of the week.

Location details

Refshalevej 167, 1432 Kรธbenhavn, Danmark

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