An exceptional bar serving up iconic cocktails while also offering beer, wine and dine.

What is the secret recipe to be awarded a place on the list of the โ€™The Worldยดs 50 Best Barsโ€™ in the world? Qualities is at least atmosphere, finely tuned cocktails and friendly service. All of which are matching keywords for a modern bar located in Sรถdermalm called Tjoget. When you enter, the first thing you are presented with is a smaller section where the focus is on beer. Walk a little deeper in and you will reach the cocktail section, presented with a large wall of spirits in order to whip up basically any cocktail you have your mind set on.

But going for a personal favorite is not what you should focus on while visiting Tjoget. Take a plunge in to their cocktail menu, which as well contains a few signature ones. but if there is one cocktail that signifies Tjoget a little more than others it’s their signature, Beets by Tjoget. A cocktail consisting of vodka infused with red beets, ginger, lemon and coconut. A brilliantly smooth cocktail that is a great example on why this bar keeps gaining international audience to come over for a visit.

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Learn how to make Tjogets signature cocktail Beets by Tjoget

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