Bauhaus influenced cocktail bar in London with polished cocktails and late opening hours.

When you see a logo consisting of a triangle, square and circle you have ended up at the right place. A Bar with Shapes for a Name, that is, run by the trio Remy Savage, Paul Lougrat and Maria Kontorravdis.

With a short but even more so polished cocktail list split up into two sections of classics to experimental ones, one of them being the very interesting signature cocktails Kasimir based on vodka, peach yogurt and absinthe that has both a refreshing but at the same time an unexpected creaminess to it.

With inspiration drawn from the Bauhaus movement, this location is not only interesting from an interior perspective but has a sense of design thought all around it. For example there is one room for classes and innovation, another one for manufacturing and another one being the public bar area itself. The rumor has it they recently also added a lab in their basement for experimenting with cocktails.

A Bar with Shapes For a Name is open every day from Monday to Sunday, and you can your cocktails flowing all in to the latest of hours even until 04.00.

Location details

32 Kingsland Rd, Whitmore Estate, London E2 8AX, United Kingdom

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