Danish baking traditions, Japanese precision. This fusion bakery is a must visit for a fika.

What do you get if you combine a Japanese culture with danish baking traditions and methods? You get Andersen Bakery! the history goes back to 1959 when baker Shunsuke Takaki on a visit in Copenhagen brought home baking inspiration back to Japan. After opening Andersen Bakery in Japan in the late 1960’s, many years later the time came for Copenhagen to get their very own Andersen Bakery. Here you will find beautiful pastry (each pastry is like a piece of art on its own) bread, danishes and other sweet treats with a Japanese twist and touch to it.

Their baked goods is newly made (if you are curious – take a peek into the kitchen to see the next batch getting made) and getting a warm treat directly from the oven is definitely something you will be able to do at Andersen Bakery. Bring it to go, or wind down for a while and stay for a fika either inside or on their outdoor seating. The only risk is going for a round two, but that is a risk worth having and ultimately a risk worth taking.

All in all, if you are out for baked goods made with Japanese precision then Andersen Bakery is definitely a must-visit while in Copenhagen.

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Thorshavnsgade 26, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark

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