Lund just got itself a new bakery - and it's definitely worth the visit.

Get yourself a nice pastry and coffee, sit down at one of their few seats next to the window and feel the heat from the oven in your back – warm from baking artisan bread and pastry all day. This newly opened bakery may not be large, but it’s definitely worth a visit. From artisan bread such as baguettes to sweet treats such as Brioche buns and Morning buns served every friday and Saturday together with Pretzels. And the latter is definitely worth a travel on its own.

Except for baked goods and coffee you can also enjoy juices and even cold pilsner if that’s your thing. Mannz can also offer your breakfast in the shape of sandwiches, and of course the all-time darling: croissants. Mannz is a small bakery with a lot of heart, located on an adress with a lot of history offering baked goods over many years back.

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Sankt Petri Kyrkogata 5, 222 21 Lund

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