This sister bar to acclaimed Ruby packs multiple floors for cocktails, and even one for the whiskey-lover.

Being a sister bar to Ruby it may not come as a surprise that Lidkoeb is great cocktail bar to visit in Copenhagen. With three floors, one of them specifically being a Whiskey Bar, Lidkoeb offers a lot of space, flexibility and inspiration to have a drink not matter if it’s a classic cocktail or a smoky whiskey. But it doesn’t stop there. With an outdoor seating you can also have your drink outside, which is a popular during summer time.

The cocktails at Lidkoeb is simply brilliant, just as it is on Ruby. But here you don’t need to worry as much getting a reservation to secure a seat – most likely you will find space to enjoy your cocktail here anyway. Just know it might a a little tricky to find the entrance, but once you do you be rest assured you are in for a treat.

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Vesterbrogade 72B, 1620 Copenhagen, Denmark

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