Here you won't be barking up the wrong tree looking for a great sandwich.

The food bike of Barkin’ Sandwich, run by the happy fella Kalle, is true comfort food on wheels. The menu is short and sweet, but the sandwiches at Barkin’ Sandwich is all you want it to be leaving you with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside your body both from the first to the last bite. Then sandwiches are crispy, cheesy and packed with the content of your choice, whether its the classic pulled chicken, tuna melt or perhaps another new creation cooked up right before your visit.

The food bike is more than often found at Matverkstaden at Loktallarna and sometimes as well found at different street food events in the city. But to make sure you are able to locate this small gem when it’s out and about, make sure to look it up the account on Instagram. It might not be the easiest to find for the spontaneous Sandwich-craving – but if you manage to do find it, it is well worth the work put into it.

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