Latin American flavors influenced from the coastline, served in a contemporary way.

Located in Christianshavn close to Knippelsbro, it’s not only the location itself being close to the water influencing the menu at Donda. Here you will find the flavors from Latin America with a specific influence from the dishes you would find along the coastlines, served in a contemporary way.

With a primary focus on fish, seafood and vegetables cooked over charcoal the flavors is rich while still allowing the ingredients speak with their very own distinct flavors. If you get the chance to have the squid aquachile with coconut and pear then don’t hesitate a second to order it from the menu. The dishes is shareable and adjusted for the amount of people dining, and can ordered from the menu either separately or as part of a tasting menu.

To drink with your food you have the option of natural wines, beer and cocktails all of which pair nicely with the food. If you want to enjoy Donda the full Donda way, there is also the option of ordering in either a tequila or mezcal flight. Get ready for take-off!

Donda is open Wednesday to Saturday from 17 until 00.00.

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Strandgade 20, 1401 Copenhagen, Denmark

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