The flavors of Latin America packed in a fun and playful but relaxed atmosphere.

At Gorda, it’s all about Latin American dishes and flavors, and perhaps a Paloma or two (and of course a bunch of other drinks to choose from). Packaged together in a fun and playful atmosphere, with a down-to-earth and relaxed mood spilling over in every corne, the friendly staff at Gorda will make sure you have a wonderful dining experience where contemporary meets tradition meets together in a natural way.

Just the empanadas alone bring a crowd to Gorda, but they have way much more to offer than so. In fact, why not even opt for their entire tasting menu to find out! The dishes are inspiringly colorful and literally packed with flavor and texture throughout. They also have a regular a la carte menu if you prefer that, and also offer a shorter 1 hour seating if you are just looking to have a snack and drink.

Oh, and a hot tip (almost as hot as their chili lamps in the ceiling)! During the weekdays (except for Fridays) you also get a complimentary welcome drink if you book an early seating at 17.

Gorda is open every day except for Sundays and Mondays from 17 forward.

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Enghavevej 5, 1674 Copenhagen, Denmark

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