Heartwarming Italian cuisine served in a cozy down-to-earth atmosphere in Christianshavn.

Since opening back in 2016, Rufino Osteria has been a go-to spot when you are looking for a down-to-earth restaurant where Italian cuisine is at the heart, seasoned up with a good deal of hospitality. From the menu you can expect a range of well-made classic pasta dishes together with other traditional classics – matched with an uncomplicated and interesting selection of wines, hand-picked primarily from Italy.

At Rufino Osteria it’s all about the heartwarming flavors of Italy in focus, and it combines that with a lively, warm and cozy atmosphere. It simply has all the ingredients required to make you stay for hours in their semi-basement of a location to keep enjoying lovely flavor-packed Italian cuisine with delightful wines to go with it all night long. Especially so if you are looking for a perfect spot for a date night.

They have also recently started with Saturday lunch if you can’t already get enough Rufino in your life.

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Strandgade 14, 1401 Copenhagen, Denmark

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