Indulge yourself with Mexican vibes, food and cocktails in this casual eatery located in Lund.

Walk down the stairs at Dos Hermanos where food is influenced from Central America and as such the tacos being slinged, mojitos being mixed and cerveza being flipped upside down. From a visit you can expect colorful tortillas with carnitas being topped with loads of coriander and lime on the side, nachos with guacamole and pico de gallo and a range of other classics such as ceviche, black bean soup and churros with dulce de leche.

The atmosphere at Dos Hermanos is casual and easy going meanwhile the food is perfect for sharing amongst friends (well, except for the Salvadorian black bean soup). If you have a hard time to choose from the menu they also have a chefs choice (Juan rules) that takes the hard part out of the equation. If you want to deep dive into Central American beverages during your visit they also offer a good range of mezcal, rum and tequila.

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Γ–stra Vallgatan 3, 223 61 Lund

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