Doubled up sausages, crispy bread and an overall icon when it comes to eating a hot dog in Stockholm.

Brunos Korvbar in Stockholm is a true icon on the food scene that has collected itself a bunch of regulars throughout the years. Opened first back in 1992 by the German gentleman Bruno with his partner at the time has since then more or less expanded to become a franchise. But if it’s something that never has changed ever since then is the love for the craft of sausages.

With a wide range of sausages on the menu, choosing what to go for can be a large task. But if you want to go for one of their signatures as I did, then take a peek at the lamb Mergueze, spiced up with garlic and cumin and ask for it as a double up – served in a crisp but soft baguette together with sauerkraut. But whatever you decide to choose at Brunos you can’t go wrong, this place even earned its page in the printed book and global guide ‘Where chefs eat’.

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Rosenlundsgatan 20, 131 00 SΓΆdermalm

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