Casual fine dining with refined and beautiful dishes served in a snug and cozy atmosphere.

Kockeriet, a restaurant that opened back in 2014 by Tareq Taylor, have since its opening found its place in the restaurant scene in Malmรถ with qualitative food combined with a homely feeling. With an utmost cozy atmosphere that offers the feeling of stepping into a snug cabin with sheepwool on the chairs, lighted candles and a personal treatment, a visit at Kockeriet feels more like being a personal guest on a courtyard far away from the city centre.

The food at Kockeriet comes as a fixed menu consisting of either 5 or 7 dishes, all of the servings equally elegantly served as they are tasteful and balanced in its flavors. While waiting for the next dish to arrive, you at all times can have a peek at the open kitchen to see the magic happen and get a hint on what is about to come. But even if peeking at the kitchen for the upcoming creations is exciting, don’t forget to just let the atmosphere sink in and let the staff at Kockeriet do what they do best – take care of you as a guest and make sure that you are relaxed, happy and satisfied for the evening.

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Norra Vallgatan 28, 211 25 Malmรถ

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