The coffee lovers second home in Lund where there is always something newly roasted to explore.

Do you love coffee? The baristas at the small place that is Love Coffee, probably the most nerdy coffee place in Lund, sure does. Going to Love Coffee to have a cup of caffeinated brew is more or less like going to a wine bar asking the sommelier for what they recommend drink. Tell them your inner wishes of flavor profile and the genie will grant your wish with a cup, or jug, of coffee brewed on beans from their own roastery.

No matter if hand brewed coffee with a v60, a milky cappuccino or perhaps double espresso is your favourite thing – Love Coffee can satisfy all of your needs that starts with a coffee bean and ends with an invigorating drink. And once you have found your favorite, then you can as well buy coffee gear, equipment and the beans itself at Love Coffee to continue playing around at home with helpful tips and tricks from the staff.

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Klostergatan 1L, 222 22 Lund

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