With dough so fluffy you could have sworn you were on an Italian pizza cloud.

In a somewhat of an unexpected location hiding in the residential area of Limhamn lies a gem of a pizzeria run by the two chaps Johan and Sido. Even if nothing on the outside hints with any resemblance of being a restaurant serving up Neapolitan style pizzas at its prime, a peek through the window might reveal at least a thing or two when you spot the bronze-colored oven imported from Napoli.

But enjoy the secrecy and relaxed environment of l’Acquafarina while it lasts – it’s only a matter of time until the lines will start to pile up outside (and this recommendation will likely not help in keeping it so). The dough is perfectly fluffy and airy with all the leopard spots on the crust you are looking for. What is remarkable about this pizza is the way it manages to make you feel light even though you just ate a whole – leaving you with the urge to order in a second one…

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Rudbecksgatan 95, 216 22 Limhamn

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