A prime example on why one shouldn't underestimate the greatness of soft ice cream.

Run by the same owner of the restaurant Steam, Francis Francis is a somewhat of a new kid on the block that opened in 2018 with a primary focus on serving handmade soft ice cream. And why wouldn’t they – it’s downright delicious! This creamy treat comes in multiple flavors, but what they actually have filled up their ice cream machines right now with is something you most easily will find on their instagram.

But to give a hint on what flavors to expect it could possibly be based on a fruit, black sesame or maybe even coffee. Vanilla is, however, always on the menu together with a variety of toppings. Oh, and if you are vegan or soft ice cream isn’t your thing – then don’t worry on missing out on the fun. They are also offering handmade sorbet to still your cooling needs. May I have a second scoop, Francis Francis?

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Karlbergsvรคgen 44, 113 62 Stockholm

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